Every Sunday 11:00 am Please arrive between 10:15-10:45
Weekly Community Outreach
Attn HHC family: WE NEED YOU and would love more volunteer involvement! There are several ways you can help! This pandemic has posed many challenges particularly for our friends we serve. If you would like to make food for our Sunday Serve, we would love it! 💜 We serve between 200-300 members of OUR community who are experiencing hunger and who are houseless. We continue to practice social distancing and wear masks 😷 Volunteers prepare meals , place them in a to go container and bring them to First and Broadway on Sundays at 10:45 pm. We prepare hot meals in They usually include a protein🌭, a starch 🥔, vegetable 🥦or fruit🍊, and dessert🍪). We try to keep the cost around $1.50 a meal. If you would like to attend the Sunday Serve and volunteer, that is great! Please click on the sign up link--> https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0b4bacac23a6f85-july -->and let us know how you can help, so that we can prepare for our Sunday Serve. We always need water 💦 during these hot summer months. Prepackaged snacks such as crackers , chips, and cookies 🍪 or cakes 🧁 are always welcome and if you would like to donate them, you can drop them off or a volunteer can arrange to pick them up. We continue to accept Kroger gift cards, Walmart Gift Cards, and cash donations via Venmo and PayPal. This helps offset the cost of the food on Sundays and provides food for meals throughout the week. Jeff is out seven days a week providing food and care to our friends who are houseless and experiencing hunger. If interested, we can provide you with our PayPal and Venmo accounts. We always need toiletries and basic necessities that can be found on our Amazon Wishlist--> a.co/5ljyiqD <--that you can ship directly to us! If you have any questions , please comment below and we will answer them. We will meet at 10:45 am under the overpass at First and Broadway. We are forever grateful for your kindness and commitment to OUR community experiencing hunger and homelessness. We are all in this together in our effort to bring comfort and love to others. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. With much love, respect, and gratitude❤️, Hip Hop Cares