Founded January of 2016, Hip Hop Cares started as a personal life journey for founder Jeff Gill and an idea that community can provide for community without all the nonsense that divides us. Initially being an every Sunday effort to distribute clothing and toiletries to those experiencing homelessness, it quickly turned into an outreach that provided a hot meal, toiletries, clothing and more. Since 2016 HHC has setup between Brook and 1st on Broadway in Louisville, Ky every Sunday providing needed items to those experiencing homelessness, also bringing the community together by welcoming any and everyone to come join. Year after year HHC has been able to adapt and evolve into a well respected group of community members that volunteer their time, love and energy every day of the week to either provide or connect with resources. Since the COVID pandemic hit in 2020 HHC has started a daily (Monday-Saturday) breakfast outreach that provides Milk, OJ, prepackaged breakfast food, supplies and love to various camps and underserved areas throughout Louisville. We are about LOVE, UNITY, HOPE, RESPECT and COMMUNITY.

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